If our early 21st century can be self-seen in any aspect, it may well be the polarization of Peoples, ideas, and politics. The only “advice” this author hopes to spread is to “Incite Thinking,” that is, if you ardently believe anything, think from the view-point of those ardently opposed to how you believe and understand the issue.

The following are issues of concern that we have to put in perspective and give greater consideration of all their aspects, not just the main-stream news telling us what to think.  Some call thinking about many issues being a “know it all.”  Perhaps.  The truth is that although one person can only do so much, and each has to “pick his/her battles,” that unless you think about the inter-play of issues and their various aspects, you are only knee-jerk reacting – like the media feeding frenzies on each new “happening.”  The following are meant as a COLLAGE of ideas.  Collages e many pictures that create a picture in itself; each has a particular meaning but together they form a wholly new picture.

The top of my own list is public bathrooms.  Philanthropy money, such as the Bill and Linda Gates foundation and all the others, that goes toward “curing” diseases would be better spent first preventing the 21st century plagues.  The European plagues were very non-discriminatory and no “respecter of persons” –  the plagues got to them all.  San Francisco is only the face of the problem; the cities are right, the homeless and wanderers are right.  Read more under the public bathrooms section.